The Value of Preventative Care

Anthem Blue Cross helps you stay healthy by emphasizing the value of preventative care in their health insurance plans.  Seeing your healthcare provider regularly is the best way to maintain your health.  Regular visits to your doctor can detect health issues before they turn into serious problems. This not only keeps you healthy but prevents you from getting hit with major medical bills.

Preventative care is a combination of regular and routine trips to your physician, immunizations, and good personal lifestyle choices, such as exercise and nutrition. Living a healthy lifestyle can keep medical issues from arising. Regular visits to your doctor can catch small problems before they become big.

Hospital bills can pile up quickly. Most people are shocked when they find how much a week’s stay in the hospital is going to cost them. Insurance can, up to a point, protect you from these bills. But getting good preventative care can prevent these issues from happening at all.

Anthem Blue Cross PPO plans offer good coverage for preventative care. You pay only 30% of the cost to see your doctor for routine care without having to pay toward the deductible for the coverage begin.  In Anthem Blue Cross HMO plans, preventative care visits are charged according to a low co-payment, as low as $10 a visit.  Anthem Blue Cross also offers many health programs designed to educate its members and improve their wellness. These programs include nutrition, smoking cessation, and prenatal care.

By making preventative care affordable and accessible, Anthem Blue Cross is improving people’s quality of life. Get a free health quote now, and start comparing plans today.