PPO Share Plans From Anthem Blue Cross Of California

If you’re looking for individual coverage, a PPO plan from Anthem Blue Cross of California can be an affordable option. And with the Anthem Blue Cross PPO Share plan, you get coverage that can protect your entire family.

The Anthem Blue Cross PPO Share plan is ideal for people with young children or people thinking of starting a family. It offers coverage for maternity care, hospital bills, and many of the services you need to stay healthy, including x-rays, lab work, and chiropractic care. The PPO Share plans also waive your deductible for preventative care. That means routine trips to the doctor are more affordable, so you and your family stay healthy.

PPO Share Plan Features

Your choice of deductible
To help you balance your healthcare needs with your budget, the PPO Share plan gives you a choice of deductibles: $500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,500, or $5,000 for each member. The higher deductible you choose, the lower your monthly premium. And once two members of your family reach their deductible, it’s met for the entire family.

Waived deductible on many services
For many preventative care services, you won’t have to meet your deductible to get coverage. This includes visits to your doctor’s office, Well Baby and Well Child care, along with mammograms and pap tests.

A large network of healthcare professionals
The Anthem Blue Cross of California PPO network includes over 50,000 doctors and 400 hospitals throughout California.

Out-of-network coverage
Unlike an HMO plan, you’ll get coverage even when you get care from providers outside your network. You save more money by staying in network, but having out-of-network coverage gives you more flexibility in getting care.

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