The PPO Saver Plan from Anthem Blue Cross of California

Need to get access to routine care for your family and want a health plan with affordable premiums? The PPO Saver plan from BC Life & Health may be an idea plan for you and your family.

The PPO Saver Plan gives you affordable coverage, with access to the large Anthem Blue Cross network of healthcare providers. And because it’s a PPO plan, you can go outside the network for care and still get coverage.

PPO Saver Plan Features

A two-part deductible
You have two deductibles with the PPO Saver plan: a small $500 deductible for emergency and hospital coverage, and a $5,000 deductible for all other covered medical services. The small deductible gives you maximum protection for expensive hospital bills and the larger deductible helps keep your premiums low.

Waived deductible for doctor’s visits
Adults get 2 doctors visits a year with only a $30 co-payment for each visit. Children on the plan get 4 visits a year at the same cost.

Low co-pay on prescription drugs
You only have a co-pay of $10 for each generic prescription. There is only a $500 deductible for brand-name drugs and get your drugs for a $30 co-pay on each.

Access to the Anthem Blue Cross network of providers
The Anthem Blue Cross network of healthcare providers includes There are more than 50,000 doctors and 400 hospitals throughout California in Anthem Blue Cross network of providers. Where ever you live, you’ll have a large choice of healthcare professionals.

Want to learn more? Get free quotes and compare the PPO Saver to other plans from Anthem Blue Cross and other leading carriers.