The RightPlan PPO From Anthem Blue Cross of California

If you want a health plan that keeps you covered but don’t want to pay for coverage you don’t need take a look at the RightPlan PPO plan from BC Health & Life and Anthem Blue Cross of California.

You want affordable, quality health care with no deductible then the RightPlan may be the right plan for you!!  It’s a great fit for young adults, self-employed people, anyone who doesn’t need maternity coverage, and early retirees. There are flexible prescription drug options so you can get coverage for the drugs you rely on or save even more money if you don’t need the coverage.

The RightPlan PPO Features

No deductible
Your coverage begins immediately. There’s no large deductible to meet. For people whose main healthcare needs revolve around routine trips to the doctor and other preventative measures this is a perfect plan.

Flexible prescription drug coverage
You choose your own prescription drug coverage from no prescription coverage, generic drug coverage, or comprehensive coverage. So if you count  on prescription medications, you’ll be covered. And if you don’t take prescription drugs, you’re not paying for coverage you don’t need.

Access to a large network of healthcare providers
There are over 50,000 doctors and 400 hospitals throughout California in the Anthem Blue Cross network.  You’ll have convenient access to quality care, where ever you live.

Out-of-network savings
You’ll be covered when you visit almost any doctor or hospital, even though you save more by getting care within the Anthem Blue Cross network. You get savings when you want it and flexibility when you need it.

Think the RightPlan PPO may be the right plan for you? Get free quotes today to find out what rates you’ll qualify for.