Anthem Blue Cross PPO Plans

You and your family’s health are important. 

Preferred Provider Organization plans, most commonly called PPO plans for short, save you money when you use healthcare providers within a selected network. Anthem Blue Cross has one of the largest PPO networks in California, with over 48,500 doctors and 465 hospitals.

By putting together this network of healthcare professionals, Anthem Blue Cross is able to ensure two things, quality healthcare at a fair price.  Due to the large network, Anthem Blue Cross is able to negotiate the price of healthcare services and passing the savings on to its members.

These plans are perfect for people with a family or people about to start one. They offer coverage for you and your school-age children as well as maternity benefits.

Best of all, most of the services you and your family need immediately are covered before you have to start paying the deductible. These include preventative care, doctor visits, and generic prescription drugs.

Key features of Anthem Blue Cross PPO plans

  • $10 co-pay on prescription drugs
  • Maternity coverage
  • Flexible deductible options — as low as $500
  • Coverage for physical therapy and acupuncture
  • Coverage for “Well Baby” and “Well Child” care ]

Anthem Blue Cross knows every family works within a different budget, that is why they offer flexible deductible options to help you budget for you medical needs. The higher the deductible you choose, the lower your monthly premiums.

Like most PPO plans, the Anthem Blue Cross plans allow you to use a healthcare provider outside of the network while still enjoying some coverage benefits. For most services, Anthem Blue Cross will still pay up to 50% of the cost of healthcare you receive outside the network. But if you want to receive full coverage, you should choose a provider within the Anthem Blue Cross network. Anthem Blue Cross has a provider finder (this links to the provider finder on the main  bc site.) to help you find a professional in your area.

The PPO plans available from Anthem Blue Cross of California include:

Want to explore other options? Anthem Blue Cross also offers HMO plans. Need to know more? Get a free quote and start comparing plans and prices.