Lumenos HIA Plus

The Lumenos HIA Plus Plan from Anthem Blue Cross of California puts you in charge of your healthcare decisions. With the HIA Plus Plan, Anthem Blue Cross gives $500 a year to individual  or $1,000 to families to spend on any chosen medical expense.  Spend it on prescription drugs, medical supplies, or pay it toward your plan deductible.
Anthem Blue Cross funds your account quarterly. So every 3 months individuals will get $125, and families will get $250. And through the Healthy Rewards program you can even earn more money.

The Lumenos HIA Plus plan is one in the family of consumer-driven health plans offered by BC Life & Health Insurance Company. Consumer-driven health plans are designed to educate you about health care options and empower you to take control of your health, as well as the dollars you spend on your care. With the Lumenos HIA Plus plan, you receive an annual allocation in a Health Incentive Account (HIA) for you to spend the way you want on covered health care expenses.  

The plan also includes a Traditional Health Coverage component – similar to a typical health plan – which helps protect you against further health care expenses. In addition, the Lumenos HIA Plus provides access to personalized health services and online tools to help you manage your health, health decisions and health care dollars.  

HIA Plan Highlights

  • Earn dollars in your HIA through our Healthy Rewards program to use on covered medical expenses and prescriptions.  
  • Use available HIA funds first to pay for covered medical expenses and prescriptions.
  • Unused funds rollover year-to-year.
  • Unlimited choice of providers. If you see in-network providers, you may pay less for your care

Get Healthy Rewards* – money added to your account:

  • $50 for completing the Health Assessment
  • $100 for enrolling in the Personal Health Coach program
  • $200 for graduating from the Personal Health Coach program
  • $50 for completing the Smoking Cessation program
  • $50 for completing the Weight Management program

*Some eligibility requirements and limitations may apply for programs and incentives.

-Plus, get 100% coverage for nationally recommended preventive care services with no deduction from your HIA or out-of-pocket costs to you if you see an in-network provider.


  • Traditional Health Coverage begins after you have used all HIA funds available, and paid a limited amount out-of-pocket – called your Bridge – needed to satisfy your plan’s annual deductible. 
  • Your out-of-pocket expenses are limited to a maximum each year, after which you receive 100% protection for covered services. 
  • You have access to an unlimited choice of providers. If you see in-network providers, you may pay less for your care.
  • Access to doctors and hospitals all over America with the BlueCard PPO nationwide network.


  • We provide you with online tools and personalized resources to help you live a healthier life.
  • Use our ProviderFinder online directory to find doctors and hospitals that participate in our network.
  • Find tools to help you stay healthy, manage a health condition or prepare for a surgical procedure. Also make comparisons on quality and find cost information for medical services and prescription drugs.
  • Track your account activity, claims and benefits.
  • Get personalized help managing a condition from a Personal Health Coach.
  • Talk to registered nurses about minor health concerns on our 24-Hour Nurse Advice
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