Heal Incentive Account Health Plans are revolutionizing the structure of health care by giving you the power to choose where your health care dollars go.  Lumenos is a new consumer directed health insurance plan from Anthem Blue Cross of California.  Have you ever asked yourself why can’t I be in charge of my healthcare decisions?  Now you can be. The new Lumenos plans from Anthem Blue Cross of California give you control over your healthcare. That means you decide where you put your healthcare money. Nothing comes between you and your doctor. And with the Lumenos Health Incentive Account plan, Anthem Blue Cross will actually reward you for making healthy decisions.

Lumenos is a consumer-directed health plan. It puts you and your doctor in the driver seat regarding your health care instead of your insurance provider.  Or in other words, it means that instead of relying on your insurance company to make health decisions for you, you and your doctor are in control of your healthcare.

Here is an overview of the Lumenos plans available to California residents:

Lumenos HSA (Link to Secondary Page) — This Health Savings Account plan allows you save tax-free money to pay for your healthcare. And as long as you spend your HSA funds on qualified medical expenses, you won’t pay taxes on the withdrawals, either. Your money earns interest, and any funds you don't spend at the end of the year carry over to your account for the following year.

Lumenos HIA (Link to Secondary Page) — The Lumenos Health Incentive Account plan gives you a Anthem Blue Cross-sponsored account to help pay for your healthcare. Funds are added to your account by Anthem Blue Cross as a reward for participating in wellness programs, such as their weight management program.

Lumenos HIA Plus (Link to Seconadary Parg) — The Health Incentive Account Plus plan also rewards you for healthy decisions, but adds an extra benefit. When you enroll in this plan, Anthem Blue Cross will add an extra $500 a year to your account ($1,000 for families). The extra money is contributed to your account every 3 months.

Once you meet your deductible, the Lumenos plans include 100% coverage for many healthcare needs, including visits to your doctor, inpatient hospital services, prescription drugs, and maternity care.

And like all health plans from Anthem Blue Cross of California, the Lumenos plans include access to the award-winning Anthem Blue Cross health management website. If you have health questions, the Nurse Advice Line is available 24 hours a day. And the Personal Health Coach Program will give you assistance managing your special health needs.

The Anthem Blue Cross Lumenos plans gives you more control over your healthcare. But being able to make your own healthcare decisions doesn’t do you much good if paying for them is difficult.

That’s why Lumenos gives you 100% coverage (Link to Secondary Page) on many of the most common healthcare expenses once you meet your deductible. And preventive care is fully covered before you meet the deductible — so staying on top of your health is affordable.