The HMO Select Plan From Anthem Blue Cross of California

You want affordable health coverage with predictable out-of-pocket expenses?  Then the HMO Select Plan may be the perfect match. It’s ideal for families and people who need comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price.
With an HMO plan, you’ll choose your primary doctor from a large network of healthcare providers throughout California. The HMO Select network includes more than 14,000 doctors in 22 California counties.

HMO Select Plan Features

No deductible
Coverage begins as soon as you start getting care.  There’s no deductible to meet for your coverage to kick in.  

Low co-pays for doctors visits
Doctor visits are only $25. And there’s no charge for professional services related to your visits including x-rays, lab tests, and anesthesia.

Prescription drug coverage
Generic drugs are only $10 a prescription. If you want brand-name medications, just meet a $500 deductible, and get each prescription for $30.

Affordable maternity care
You pay on $25 for office visits to your OB/GYN. For inpatient hospital maternity stays, you pay a $250 a day for just 4 days after that get 100% coverage.

The Anthem Blue Cross HMO Select Plan gives you wide-ranging care in a straightforward package. Want to see if it’s the right plan for you? Get a free quote and find out today.