The HMO Saver Plan From Anthem Blue Cross of California

What makes the Saver Plan unique?  Unlike many HMOs, the Saver Plan features a $1,500 deductible. That means you pay less in monthly premiums and have lower co-pays. You also get prescription drug coverage with the HMO Saver Plan.

By having a deductible, the HMO Saver Plan will keep your monthly insurance bill much lower than most plans. And once your deductible is met, you enjoy low out-of-pocket expenses.

HMO Saver Plan Features

$1,500 deductible
Don’t let the cost of the deductible fool you.  You can more than make up what you pay to meet your deductible in lower premiums and co-pays.

$10 co-pays for doctor visits
Routine trips to the doctor only have a $10 co-pay. And you don’t have to meet to the deductible to enjoy this low-cost co-pay.

80% coverage on hospital and emergency services
Once your deductible is met, you are only responsible for 20% of the total cost of your hospital stay.

No lifetime maximum
You and your family can’t exhaust the coverage you get from your HMO Saver plan, no matter how much care you need.

You want an HMO plan with low premiums? You want access to quality preventive care and coverage for prescription medications? Look at the HMO Saver Plan from Anthem Blue Cross.  Get free quotes to see hoe the HMO Saver compares to other plans.