The Individual HMO Plan From Anthem Blue Cross of California

Two thins come to most people’s mind when they think about health insurance: quality healthcare and affordability. The Individual HMO Plan from Anthem Blue Cross of California gives you both.
The Individual HMO Plan is similar to the HMO Saver Plan, but without the deductible, so your begin coverage immediately. You get an easy to understand plan with straightforward benefits.

Individual HMO Plan Features

No deductible
Your coverage begins as soon as your first trip to the doctor or hospital.  There is no deductible to meet first.

Low copays
Doctor visits only costs you a $10 co-pay.  And any professional services related to a doctor’s office visit, including x-rays, lab tests, or anesthesia, don’t cost you anything. You pay only 20% of hospital and emergency care.

Affordable Prescriptions
You pay only $10 co-pay  for each generic prescription. If you prefer brand-name drugs, there is only a  $250 deductible to meet and then pay only $30 per prescription.

No lifetime maximum
You and your family can’t exhaust the coverage you get with the Individual HMO plan, no matter how much care you need.

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