Anthem Blue Cross HMO Plans

Health Maintenance Organization plans offer reasonably priced health coverage with predictable expenses.

HMO plans can offer affordable healthcare because the costs of elective care are controlled. In an HMO plan, your healthcare is organized by a primary care physician. You see your primary care physician for your routine care and exams and when needed he or she refers you to specialists. HMO plans are less expensive than PPO plans, but they have a smaller network of healthcare providers to choose from.

To qualify for health coverage, you must use providers within the plan’s network.  If your current doctor isn’t part of the network, this can be an inconvenience. But since Anthem Blue Cross has one of the largest networks in California, finding a healthcare provider is easy. You can use Anthem Blue Cross’s Provider Finder(link to provider finder on Anthem Blue Cross main site.)  to help you locate a healthcare professional in your area.

While HMO plans don’t offer the same flexibility as PPO plans, the savings and the predictability of expenses are worth it for many people and families. And an HMO plan could be your best option, if you or someone in your family has a pre-existing condition.

One of the nicest things about the Anthem Blue Cross HMO plans are the low deductibles. And some of the plans have no deductible. Doctor visits have co-payments as low as $10. And generic drugs only cost $10 a prescription, too.  How’s that for savings!

Here are some of the other HMO benefits:

  • 80% coverage of inpatient hospital fees
  • No charge for x-rays and anesthesia when related to a doctor’s visit
  • Coverage for physical therapy and chiropractic services
  • Maternity coverage and only a $10 co-pay for doctor visits

Anthem Blue Cross of California HMO plans
The Anthem Blue Cross of California HMO Saver
The Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO
The Anthem Blue Cross of California Individual HMO

To find out more about your HMO options, get a free quote today. Compare the rates on different plans, so you can choose the best one.